Kotaro Hattori (服部洸太郎)

My father was a musician.
With his influence, I grow up in a prestigious music environment from a young age.
And, I will participate in a number of recording scene from an early age.

I started playing the piano from junior high school.
Because I wanted to become a popular person in the class.
But it was not a classical piano, but also learned Italian Progress to UK free jazz and progressive rock, such as evangel car, King Crimson, Pink Floyd.

And this time I want to create a time machine, studying relativity theory and quantum physics.

After entering high school and starting part-time work of BGM pianist at the hotel lounge, I started studying American jazz.

After that he entered Osaka College of Music.


After graduating from Osaka College of Music, she immediately starts activities as a jazz pianist.

※(This will be my first debut work as a artist in public – 2007)


Three years of activity dissolutionmy piano trio.

At this time I began pursuing my own spirituality and musicality and lost the place of activities as a pianist.

However, many people wanted my photography technology, and I got a job of photography.

At the same time I worked as a photographer, I served as Assistant to Mr. Akihiko Goto.
I learned recording technology from him.

In time machine record production, his first solo album “noumenon ~ 2013” recorded.


And one day I met the existence of German artist achim tang.

We premiered in Germany a sonata for a piano and a contrabass I composed in an airplane.


The concert in Germany was a great success.
I released a recording of the concert after returning japan~「New continent ~2014」

※(This is the session for the first time I saw him.)


We do not have a common language, but we had common music.

In 2015 I established the art workshop pinocoa.

※Please click the image.


Release of album “So be it” recorded with 2014 recording engineer Goshima Akihiko and Kaneda style balance current transmission DC recording.

Starting full-scale activities as a Pinocoa producer, such as lecturing on the theme of “art and venture” for entrepreneurs from 2017.

Currently as a pianist, holding a private concert only for invited members only once a year.

2017 – (2019) Photographer living in Onomichi, as a recording engineer and music producer (currently participating in creative activity project in Seto Inland Sea).

Artists that I was affected

Burt Bacharach / Kate Bush / Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky / Joel-Peter Witkin / Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli / Pete Sinfield / Pablo Picasso / Evan parker / Kouji Murakami